Turkey travel and tourism industry future

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Turkey travel and tourism industry future

Turkey travel and tourism industry future

Well, I wish you all get your desired booking. According to the survey of Bureau of Transportation Statistics United Statesan average American takes trips in a year, which is equivalent to 4 trips per day, which tells you that how big the impact of traveling is in our life. Now, if you think about traveling years ago, how cumbersome, slow and boring the whole procedure was.

Think about when you last gone the travel agent for a booking? So what has changed in the last decade or so in traveling?

We will also analyze the future travel trends to know where the traveling in heading in the next decade or two. Robotics and AI are changing the whole scenario for the travel industrywhere the travel will be more seamless and stress-free. According to the Amadeus travel trends, which is a leader in traveling technology, AI is on top of all the emerging technology.

But the question you would be having is how will travel change in the future on this basis? InGeneva airport launched the first trial of customer service robots.

The robots were helping the passengers to reach their departure gate. A similar thing was introduced in Amsterdam airport where the robots were helping the passengers to find their luggage and also able to detect any unexpected behavior. Basically, cloud computing is a network of remote servers which is used to store and process large amount of data on Internet rather than on local server or personal computers.

But the real question for us is, How it is going to help the travel industry? So for this purpose, the cloud computing could be a perfect solution. So a scalability factor of cloud is very useful here. In the last decade, VR has been regarded as the one of the most powerful innovations to have happened.

Basically, virtual reality is a combo of two words: So virtual reality means near to reality or in other words, any kind of emulation. The travel industry is all about giving an awesome experience of the particular landscape to your customer.

Just think, how awesome this technology is.! By using VR we can take a guided tour of a particular city,country or island from around the globe. To get a better idea, you can think about degree images that you see nowadays on social media. Another example of VR is Google Earth.

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This will eventually help the industry to improve the customer satisfaction. It has been regarded as the next big thing in travel tech industry by many experts. Basically, QTrace is a Bluetooth Item Tracker which helps you find your lost valuables as well as help you to prevent your beloved items from getting lost.

It helps to track your lost key, wallet, luggage, pet etc. Let me explain you this with an example. It is an application of Artificial Intelligence AIbut the application itself is a wide area of research.

For that to happen, we have to train the computer by providing them with lots of data. The more data it analyze, the more powerful decision, it can take in the future. In the past decade, machine Learning has given us the concepts of self-driven carsspeech recognition and effective web search.

But the technology is still evolving and it is expected that the next decade will be owned by this technology. Whenever you go to for traveling, the step is to find out the ultimate destination.

Secondly, it helps you to streamline the booking because you already had the previous data of the customer with you and basis on that it can take an accurate decision for you. Last but not the least it helps us to provide the dynamic pricing according to particular customers.

So if we can integrate Machine Learning into the travel industry, we can improve the customer experience as well as provide a sense of personalization to each one of them. I hope you are now aware about the insights of the latest travel technology trends which may help you in future.Overview and Future Obstacles.

The tourism industry is a major economic driver for Indonesia. In , foreign exchange earnings from tourism totalled $ billion. is ranked as the fourth-best developed Islamic economy for Muslim travel, behind Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates and Turkey. As the report says: ‘The Travel & Tourism.

Tourism is travel for pleasure or business; also the theory and practice of touring, the business of attracting, accommodating, and entertaining tourists, and the business of operating tours. Tourism may be international, or within the traveller's country.

The World Tourism Organization defines tourism more generally, in terms which go "beyond the common perception of tourism as being limited. Looking to travel Greek Islands?

Turkey travel and tourism industry future

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Tourism in Turkey Statistics

But the tide of tourism has turned in Turkey - and with attacks continuing and an increasingly unpredictable president, there's little sign of improvement on the horizon.

Related Topics Travel. Although the Indonesian tourism industry faces some significant challenges, they are likely to merely slow its growth rather than inflict lasting damage on a major economic driver. If the Australian tourism industry is to fully capitalise on the growing Indonesian middle class, it may be beneficial to reassess the visa application process that must be met by Indonesians wishing to travel .

Travel & Tourism investment spending – an important aspect of both current and future activity that includes investment activity such as the purchase of new aircraft and construction of new hotels; Government 'collective' spending, which helps Travel & Tourism activity in many different ways as it is made on behalf of the.

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