The chocolate war to ban or to not be banned essay

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The chocolate war to ban or to not be banned essay

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Wolf Baldassarro March 12, 0 responses An acting headmaster at Trinity, a private Catholic prep school, goes too far with his ambitions when he forces students to sell twice as many boxes of chocolate at twice the price in an annual school sale; he enlists Archie and the other members of a school group called The Vigils to achieve his selfish goals.

Archie becomes seduced by his newly-crowned authority when he forbids fellow member, Jerry, from selling any chocolate for ten days. The headmaster then authorizes the group to vilify Jerry through a campaign of vandalism and harassment. Cormier is almost unique in his powerful integration of the personal, political, and moral.

In January,parents in Lancaster, Massachusetts, wanted the book removed from classrooms because of its profanity. The Chocolate War resonated with the students because it involved characters their age that were realistic and relatable.

The Chocolate War by Robert Cormier — Banned Library

Init was challenged in York County, Virginia, for sexually explicit language. Inthe book was challenged at King Philip Middle School in West Hartford, Connecticut, when the parents of an eighth grader thought the book was unsuitable for students.

The chocolate war to ban or to not be banned essay

Oh, by the way, to those who think the book was written specifically as a rant against the Catholic Church, take note that Cormier- who attended a private Catholic school himself- was inspired to write the book after his son refused to sell candy at his Catholic school in Fitchburg.

It was also challenged as required reading for seventh grade students at the John H. It is the worst form of bullying that extends beyond the playgrounds of youth to inflict damage on wisdom and reason, which are the tools of mature adults who have long since made peace with their childhood memories and behaviors.

Banning The Chocolate War by Mitch Gray on Prezi

For more information on the Banned Books Awareness and Reading for Knowledge project and the complete list of titles covered, please visit the official website at http:Of The Chocolate War by Robert Cormier is a Robert Cormier ( ) changed the face of young adult literature over the course.

and educators who supported the novel in countless reviews and essays; nbsp; The Chocolate War: To Ban or To Not Be Banned Essay Example for, the story itself may be considered a little controversial. I think the untold reason is because it defames the church in the plot.

The school was set as a Catholic school, and the Brother Leon was not planning things in a good conception. I don’t think people from Church would like it.

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Oct 02,  · Top 10 Book Controversies. As Banned Books Week begins, TIME looks at 10 works considered too sexy, profane or anti-religious by school systems across the U.S.

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The Chocolate War: To Ban or To Not Be Banned. In Robert Cormier’s The Chocolate War, the story itself may be considered a little controversial.

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