How to harvard reference a business report

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How to harvard reference a business report

Citing from web pages Be critical when using web pages as sources. Take extra care to assess the reliability and authority of the author or organisation and use accordingly. Never just give the URL as your in-text citation. Always follow the standard Harvard citation style of Author, Year.

Authors are often companies and organisations: If no author or organisation is clear, give the web page title: Gourmet coffee boom, Dates are often found in the copyright information at the bottom of the web page.

If a date range is given, use the latest date.

how to harvard reference a business report

If no date is given, use n. Include the name of the religious text, Book. For other religious texts, adapt to whatever is the conventional numbering system. Plays and poems need more specific citations: Play When quoting directly from plays, you should give a concise reference number indicating Act, Scene and line number.

For Shakespeare plays, give the play title rather than the author in the citation: If the play is not divided in such a way, just give page numbers as normal. Sometimes you want to reference something that has been quoted, reproduced or cited in a source you have read a secondary reference.

Here are a few simple rules when dealing with them: If at all possible, find the original source and use that instead. Never pretend you have read the original source. Always make it clear in your in text citation that it is a secondary reference. Here are some examples: Harrison cited in Peters implied that Rebecca Bishop, a native American public relations officer quoted in Sorensen, believes that In a letter to his brother, Rembrandt admitted his reluctance to accept money Rembrandt, in Stone, Aerial shot of the scene Patel, in Justin, Compiling the reference list The reference list appears at the end of your document and is a full list of the works you have referred to within your written text.

how to harvard reference a business report

It should be in alphabetical order by surname or citation entry if some names were not known. References should be typed using single line spacing with a clear space between each reference. Indentation in not necessary.

Some departments may ask for a full bibliography, which would also include any works that you have consulted in the process of writing the piece but have not referred to directly.between the different styles relates to which parts of the reference are put into capitals, brackets, bold and italics.

The order in which you cite the different parts of the reference remains the same. Cite the printed annual report using the Chicago style. The citation should be in the following order: corporation's name, publication year in parenthesis, the title of the report in italics, city of publication followed by a colon and the publisher, for example.

It may be best to just cite the source as if it were any other reference, then include in your acknowledgements and/or a footnote more details on how you acquired the data and who to contact if it is indeed available to others.

Oct 15,  · APA is the style of referencing used by the University of Auckland Business School. For more about referencing at the University look at ReferenCite from the Student Learning Centre.

This includes Quick©ite - a wizard to help you format your references in APA style. CIPD students can download and use this guide to help with the compilation of bibliographies. It sets out how to reference books, reports, journal articles and other material using the Harvard system.

A guide to citing and referencing for students. 2 A guide to citing and referencing for students This guide is divided into two sections.

The first explains what citing and referencing are, and Harvard Referencing System. There are a number of ways in which the Harvard Referencing System can be presented, and all of these.

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