Giving up is not an option essay writer

This is the most controversial post I have ever written in ten years of blogging. I wrote it because I was very angry at a specific incident. Not meant as a criticism of feminism, so much as of a certain way of operationalizing feminism.

Giving up is not an option essay writer

Contact Us Importance of never giving up in life There comes that moment in all of our loves when we feel like completely giving up, when nothing seems to go the way we planned, and the future looks bleak at best.

Six Signs It’s High Time To Give Up Writing – Chuck Wendig: Terribleminds

In times like these, we cannot help but feel that there cannot reason to keep on trying; after all, what is the point in working on something when you know it is going to be futile in the end? But to be fair, it is never a good idea to just give up, not until you have given of your best into the situation.

Sometimes, you have to struggle for years before you can reach the place you aimed for. There will be multiple setbacks on the way, and if you give up every time you encounter a roadblock, it will be impossible to ever achieve anything.

So, you must keep trying in order to make it in the end, and the taste of success will be even sweeter. You are satisfied This is perhaps the most important benefit of not giving up. Your goals may seem tough or almost impossible to reach, but you will never really know that unless you have tried.

It is only by trying, and trying again, that you will finally understand whether the goal was achievable or not. If you give up without trying at all, or at the first hint of failure, you will always have the nagging thought at the back of your mind: Learn from your mistakes If you give up after your first failure, you will know what you did wrong, but you will never learn the right way to do things.

Every time you make a mistake and fail to achieve your goal, you will know one more thing that should not be done. This way, by process of elimination alone, you will keep getting closer to your goal, and finally arrive at a foolproof way to get things done.

The end of the line If you give up even before you begin the race, or after the first lap, you will never know what is at the end of the line. You have a goal in mind, sure, but do you know what it will be like to finally be there? Persevering on your way will get you to the very top, and the view will be breathtaking.

If you stop midway, that is it for you; the end of the line with no excitement. Giving up is not an option if you have to stay ahead in the race.

Self-improvement If you give up on your goal after a single try, or without trying at all, you will never know the right way of doing things. Failures tell us that we are doing something wrong, forcing us to change track and learn new things in the process.

We have to stay updated if we are to hang on to our dreams, because there is no point in doing the same thing and repeating our mistakes. By working on different ways to get something done, we achieve perfection, becoming an expert in our field in the process. More self-reliant When we are used to working hard to succeed, we tend to become self confident and dependent on ourselves.

We do not need to rely on anyone else to do the job for us, because we are quite certain that we are ourselves quote capable of handling it on our own. All said and done, there is always a time to take a step back.

But that does not mean you are giving up; it only means you have done all that you could and realized that there is nothing more to be done. There is an innate difference between giving up and stepping back; one is not even trying, and the other is accepting that not everything is under our control, no matter how much we try.

One brings a sense of defeat and dissatisfaction, while the other brings peace in the knowledge that you tried. Have you ever tried to motivate anyone? Do you feel the need to get yourself motivated at times?Six Signs It’s High Time To Give Up Writing [ ] Reply.

jane October 15, @ AM I love this! I’m glad to never be a writer. Giving it up to do better things which are more my thing – like singing, music, medicine, etc – are far more rewarding. Reply. Sandra.

giving up is not an option essay writer

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Never give up – Essay

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giving up is not an option essay writer

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