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Employment The Graduate School can inform an international student of academic acceptance, but cannot grant official admission until certain critical documents are received and approved either by the International Admissions Specialist at the Graduate School or by the Office of International Services OIS. International students non-resident aliens are those who have neither United States citizenship nor permanent resident status in the United States.

G/graduate school admission essay-direct-2.txt 2

However, schools do have the ability to waive GRE test requirements. It is up to individual institutions to decide if there are circumstances under which they will waive GRE requirements and to determine what those circumstances may be.

Applicants who have previously received a score on the GRE that was good enough to be admitted but the score is over 5 years old. Applicants who possess a graduate level degree from an accredited institution with a superior academic record in graduate work.

G/graduate school admission essay-direct-2.txt 2

Meeting qualifying requirements for a GRE waiver is just the starting point. Next, you must write a GRE waiver letter to the admissions office of the institution.

The following are some tips and suggestions to help you accomplish that: Write your letter in the standard business format. Make sure your waiver letter is logical and easy to understand.

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They are completely different letters, requesting different things and sent to different organizations. If you are having problems with writing the GRE waiver letter or e. The waiver letter writing service we provide can help. We are aware of this and our GRE waiver letter writers will work with you to produce a letter that demonstrates the GRE is not necessary for your case.

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The writers we use have advanced degrees and are experts when it comes to GRE waiver letters. Advantages of using our service include:Personal statement – we customize and improve your statement according to all needed requirements of your University and your expectations. Admission essay – we know for sure how to show the admissions committee why you stand out from the crowd.

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1. Developing and making available application materials and general information about Graduate School programs. 2. Collecting and processing applications and supporting documents.

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