Barbara and electra case study

Beginning in and continuing for 70 years, California led the country in the number of sterilization procedures performed on men and women, often without their full knowledge and consent. Approximately 20, sterilizations took place in state institutions, comprising one-third of the total number performed in the 32 states where such action was legal.

Barbara and electra case study

How to Write a Summary of an Article? The top executive of the organization did not display any of the managerial skills, except technical skills, needed to create a productive work environment.

The different cultures lead to ethically questionable decisions by MLI executives and staff. MLI was acquired by a larger conglomerate, Specialty Support Services Triple S to provide alternative distributions channels for some of the Triple S lighting products.

Jamie Turner was hired as the VP of sales and Marketing with the promise of future advancement in the organization. Pat Cardullo is the president of another successful Triple S division, and is in consideration of a major promotion.

This fact left the organization without a workable plan to accomplish the unsustainable goals created by Cardullo. Cardullo was involved in details of the organization that would have been better handled by middle managers.

Top managers focusing on implementation will leave an organization without the strategic planning needed to remain competitive. Cardullo also had an abrasive manner that was Barbara and electra case study in the organization.

Cardullo lacked the interpersonal skills needed communicate, understand, or motivate the Sales and Marketing group at MLI. The personal views that Cardullo held about how employees should work left a team that was ambivalent about working with the organizations top executive.

The focus on finding his replacement as quickly as possible, Cardullo did not exhibit the values of ethical leadership.

Cardullo also failed to create proper chain of command and proper career paths for top managers at MLI.

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The power structure of the organization should not be left to a person sitting in a particular office. The fact that Jamie did not manage up created the space for real disagreement between the top managers. Without direction from Cardullo, Jamie was working under the assumption that margins could be lowered.

Jamie also failed to communicate with the controller that has worked with Cardullo for many years. Jamie demonstrated a lack of understanding as it relates to the controller when he presented negative information that would impact Cardullo. In another clear failure of leadership, Cardullo emphasized that Jamie was wrong in front of the rest of the management team.

As the conflict between Cardullo and Jamie continued, more decisions were being consolidated in one office. Cardullo did not see the need to invite differing opinions on multiple issues that will negatively impact the organization. The decision to redesign a warehouse that creates inefficiency was a poor one.

Cardullo made the decision over the objections of the managers that were assigned to make such decisions in the best interest of the organization.

The ethical challenges around financial forecasting are very disturbing. Cardullo future with Triple S was at stake, so the need to be financially successful was paramount. The fact that the controller came over to MLI with Cardullo made the task of presenting alternate forecasts unwelcome.

The controller, who supported Cardullo without exception, allowed personal bias to affect her judgment. The dismissal of negative forecasts without investigation does not allow the organization the ability to correct potential problems.View Essay - Electra from SC at Florida Institute of Technology.

Case: Elektra Products, Inc. Background of the Problem Elektra Products is an year-old, publicly held company that was once a Find Study Resources%(1). Actress Carmen Electra and Miami Dolphins cheerleader Jaime Longoria have filed separate lawsuits against two different Denver area strip clubs in federal court.

In Electra-Quik, Martin needs to keep enthusiastic all the time and support Barbara's ideas in order to make Barbara's plan can be accepted in the meeting. Secondly, in the process of building a learning organization, the middle level managers and employees also play an important role.

Barbara Norris Case Analysis Synopsis - Barbara month into a management position of a unit that is ‘Troubled’ she has had no experience in managing a large units which included managing, scheduling and budgeting.

- The unit is short staffed, stressed and there is a high turnover with a poor culture.

Barbara and electra case study

Case Studies in Niche Marketing Real World Ways to Reach Key Customer Groups Although the need for healthcare might be universal the population your facility serves. A study conducted by BBC Radio 5 live as part of their Sex Takeover attempted to gage the attitudes people had towards cheating and the results may shock you.

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