Axia appendix e

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Axia appendix e

Customers using any earlier version of Simian i.

Simian - Radio Automation Software: Updates

Final release of Simian 2. Useful for Production Mode or small monitors. New option in the CHAIN macro can load a specifically named log, or a default log if the macro is unable to find the specified log.

Axia appendix e

This feature is useful for users whom want to explicitly know what is going to play from the log at air time, and for using the BackTime feature with carts of varying length since the carts will be resolved to their component events, the BackTime function can exactly calculate the playback length of all events.

Resolves all cart types including randomized and non-randomized carts, carts with AutoStart events, and date and time windowed carts.


Improved Program Log and Audio List pop-up scroll display. Simian - Version 2. More date meta-variables in macros: New option to convert date meta-variables in the file names in your program log either when the log is imported based on the air date of the program log, or on-the-fly in real time when a file is loaded while airing the log.

More customizable user interface colors: Now you can change the colors for audio file types, the program log, and cart builder in addition to the main user interface background see picture at right.

New feature to automatically fill the scheduled time field for all auto-start events in the program log based on the length of the audio files and the timed events in the log.

New troubleshooting and expert options in the built-in SpyGlass diagnostic utility. Various Weather Display improvements New troubleshooting and expert options in the built-in SpyGlass diagnostic utility.

If the maximum or minimum speed percent allowed is less than what is required, your BackTime event will fade the currently playing element out.

Moved Weather info from the time field to its own field. Clicking weather on Simian's main UI will now pop-up the weather info window. Added customization options to the weather functionality to allow user configuration of which weather info is to be displayed at the top of Simian's main UI.

Set a single Scheduled Event to run every hour, every 10 minutes, every minute see picture at right. Added option to display metric units in weather info instead of US units. Added optional conversion of US weather data to metric. Various UI improvements including new record and playback deck graphics.

Initial release of Simian 2. Ability to output song and title data directly to your favorite stremaing application via HTTP calls "Streaming Data".

Added ability to run macro commands directly from the Event Builder via "Run" button. Added ability to change the main user interface background color.


Simian - Version 1. Colored Status Bar Panels: The Status Bar now has visual indicators for their current status. Air Date auto detection from Program Log filename now supports 6 or 8 digit filenames.

Added new Button Panel button to extend Program Log height over panel wish list request Added intro time display to voice track editor Serial Port: Customers using existing versions of Simian 1. Most reliable version of Simian yet - our in house tests of Simian 1.

Extensive internal testing using our custom configured Dell GX PCs and rack-mounts using our recommended AudioScience sound cards re-affirms Simian's reliability prior to full public release. More documentation is being prepared over the coming months.

More information has been embedded into the supplied audio files to demonstrate some of the features. In both cases, the temperature can now be displayed in degrees Celsuis or Fahrenheit. Using a seperate application like this ensures that any network errors or Internet blocking calls have no impact on Simian.

GOTO Macro - We have enhanced the behavior of this Macro to now allow the ability to step backwards through the log; and to make special provisions where a timed event has already been loaded into a play deck.

This can be used at different times of day when generic liners are used as positioners between songs where placing a Segue Marker Sec Tone close to the front of the liner, playback of the next song will be held back until the remaining audio in the liner is equal to or less than the intro of the next song and thus the liner will 'hit the post' each time.

A previous reliance that the Category field in the Program Log was correct has been removed for HTML generation this would always be correct if creating logs within Simian, but third-party scheduling tools used to generate logs may not correctly reflect the true category of the audio event and thus HTML excludes might not have worked for some users.Appendix F: Channel / IP Worksheets The scalable nature of Axia Livewire audio networks makes it possible to construct systems of any size - from a single room to an entire multi-studio facility.

Since Livewire components – Audio Nodes, Elements, StudioEngines, PowerStation, etc. – are connected with Ethernet, each one requires a . Appendix E Axia College Material Evaluating Safe Working Conditions Cjs (2 Pages | Words) Workplace Violence Sam is a security officer for ABC Corporation in the Phoenix area.

He is always stationed at the security desk in the main lobby to greet employees and visitors.

Axia appendix e

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