Armed teachers and staff in schools essay

Though he had not made overt threats, his manner and affect seemed to be at odds with his whispered claim that he was being satirical when he wrote an accusatory poem about his classmates.

Armed teachers and staff in schools essay

The Socialists were entirely predictable in the way they responded. They projected their personal fantasies onto armed teachers. We already know how armed teachers behave. We have armed teachers in schools today and have collected several thousand man-years of experience.

With one breath the progressives said that school attacks were a new epidemic of dangerous proportions. Then they said that school shootings were so unlikely that an armed teacher would probably never be needed.

Some allow school staff to be armed and some prohibit it.

We Already Arm Teachers in Public Schools

We put more armed teachers in K to 12 schools after the murders at the school in Sandy Hook, Connecticut. We armed teachers for the same reason we put some armed pilots in planes after the attacks. Before the murders at Sandy Hook, well before the murders at Parkland, some states already allowed armed staff in K to 12 schools.

No teacher has ever been ordered to carry a firearm in a school, but some school districts looked for teachers who already knew how to live with a gun. They quietly asked if teachers had their concealed carry licenses and were already carrying outside of school.

Some teachers were asked to take additional training and to carry on the job. Fortunately, a few private organizations raise funds to train teachers.

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Unfortunately, the training slots fill up in minutes as thousands of teachers compete for hundreds of training slots each year. These armed volunteers come from every position, from bus drivers to district superintendents.

They come from every grade level, from pre-K to 12 grade. They work in every kind of school, including charter schools, private, religious and public schools. They are all volunteers who take self-defense and medical training during the summer.

Top 10 Benefits of Armed School Security Guards

We can look at the two examples I mentioned to understand why staff want to be armed. In both the Sandy Hook and the Parkland attacks, teachers used their bodies as human shields to protect their students. Teachers already knew they would run toward the sound of gunfire.

They wanted to protect the people they loved at school the same way they protect the people they loved at home. They wanted to be armed at school because they want what we want, a chance for them and their students to survive.

These volunteers already knew their jobs with the school.Arming teachers in schools: An argument against training should not be allowed to be armed in schools.

that teachers armed to protect students and staff should receive some training and. In the aftermath of the Sandy Hook shootings, seven states enacted laws permitting teachers to carry guns in schools, prompting divided responses from parents and educators.

- All around the world, there is violence in schools that is so serious many students, teachers, and other staff members get seriously injured, or even killed. In the United States, there have been really serious school massacres that have killed and severely injured many students and staff members.

Essay about Should Teachers Carry a Gun to School? This could be because of more knowledge mentioned earlier, but it also is combined with maturity to.

Armed teachers and staff in schools essay

Instead of giving an instant yes or no answer with a explanation that is not their or will most likely never happen, the older population give a . Jan 13,  · Five Concerns About Armed Guards in Schools. Armed custodians, teachers and volunteers will have less vetting and training than a professional security force, and would likely increase the.

6 days ago · Both the Florida Education Association, which is the state teachers union, and the Florida PTA oppose arming teachers, saying having more guns on campus will make schools .

Illinois vote to allow armed teachers fails