An analysis of desertion of the army as selfish

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An analysis of desertion of the army as selfish

In both cases, not a single media outlet opposed either proposal, indeed every single political party supported it.

The British Declassified Files on British Guiana -

Opposition parties completely forgot that their function is to oppose. Moreover, when expert witnesses provided evidence that refuted the intention of the respective proposals, this was never publicly discussed; it was simply ignored by media and politicians alike, as if the words had never been uttered.

The basis of these invitations was largely my willingness to speak against any of the above shopping list of topics, because The Phil found it so hard to find such oppositionists. But reviewing the list as a whole, what is apparent is that it represent a hard left manifesto.

So sooner or later Sinn Fein is going to get into Government in the Republic of Ireland due to the relentless support by every single media outlet of the minutiae of what Sinn Fein stands for.

Successful for Sinn Fein; disastrous for Ireland since as Mrs Thatcher observed eventually the hard left runs out of other people's money. But surely there is an Irish market out there for different views - you only have to go online to find it.

So why is there not a single Irish media outlet - not even one! The threesome story leaked into the American press, but Elton John organized a super-injunction to prevent the British press from repeating it. A super-injunction is a an injunction whose very existence must not be disclosed.

Although this does not apply beyond British jurisdiction, Mr John's lawyers having been using every effort to try to shut down versions of the story appearing online, even outside the UK, even when the servers themselves are located outside the UK.

Nevertheless Google and Twitter have been doing their utmost to internationalise the super-injunction by hunting down versions and suspending accounts.

Nevertheless Google has chased him down and deleted the story a number of times.

An analysis of desertion of the army as selfish

So in the interests of free speech and invoking - once more - the Barbara Streisand effecthere is a transcript of Paddy's offending story, prepared by me in Ireland on servers located in the USA and thus beyond reach of British law. Which in this instance is an ass. We know this, of course, because Sir Elton and David have been generous enough to share almost every detail of their relationship and family life through the pages of celebrity magazines, in high-profile TV interviews and on social media.

The journalist who typed that saccharine fogged horror knows, as everybody with access to the internet knows. The courts have become Canute's courtiers standing in a digital tide. Furnish flew to the US for a tryst with a gay couple who subsequently no honour amongst sluts tried sell a kiss-and-tell to the Sun newspaper.

The Sun, preparing the article, contacted lawyers for the couple. The internet is international, not bound by a London court and sites on servers in California, Canton and Cavan can be read by English men and women, making the court's action seem futile but with the great blunt mace of the super injunction the court may fiercely coerce silence.

The English can read news on foreign sites but they will be punished for discussing it. This is late Tudor England with electric light.

The court has infantilised the English in a desperate attempt to preserve a propaganda Potemkin village for the English establishment.

What does it matter if some guy flies to America for a night of sex with two other middle aged men? We are all adults, are we not and is not their private life their own? Who are we, mere humans, fallible and frail, to judge. Who are we indeed. The tawdry private life of the any couple, the arrangements they make for their own amusement wouldn't matter if they had not spent some much effort convincing us that they do.

A fictional version of their life together has been slathered in every media outlet that can print or say the home life of our own dear queen and this has been for brutal political purpose: The press is for propaganda and the commoners as a have a no right to know the truth or competing versions of the truth.

The court, wittingly or unwittingly has made itself partner in a vicious hypocrisy, defending the illusion of the Elton John's family life against its sordid reality and worse, pretending to do it for the children so that the great and good may go on lying.

Little argument can be made for the saving children from the putative damage of the relationship's public exposure when they are living with two selfish hedonists who obtained them by purchase. If the story behind the super injunction casts a cold light on the Elton John's understanding of marriage, it must cast an icy glaze on the horrid practice of surrogacy: Not buying the Sun for a few days in the Elton John household is a better option than coercive national censorship.

If you make your relationship a lodestar of public policy, the public have every right to hear about that relationship's reality, even if that makes you blush, sweat or squirm.

Elton John regularly uses his relationship and those children to bolster arguments for issues as far reaching as transgender bathroom rights in North Carolina.

If public policy is to be argued and defended by reference to one's own family, it is a logical quid pro quo that one's family life is publically reportable. A family of conservative Christians leveraging their family life for influence would find a very different reception to request for privacy no matter how the courts ruled.

The Supreme Court, by re-instating the injunction thrown out by the Court of Appeals, has placed the lives of the rich, famous and who have children out of bounds. Because the Elton Johns are wealthy and have children, the rules that apply to media reporting their sexual escapades are markedly different to the reporting of childless Darren and Mandy from Dagenham.

This creates a strange, unlegislated, new restriction on press freedom. Kiss-and-tell and Darren-broke-my-bed stories may be distasteful, boring, reassurance for the miserable that nobody is really any better, a way of keeping everybody in the mud, but they are the price of a free press.

That price is worth paying many times over.Critical Analysis of Poe's The Tell Tale Heart - Critical Analysis of Poe's The Tell Tale Heart The Tell Tale Heart is a story, on the most basic level, of conflict.

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