Accounting is fun

Those financial statements balance sheet, income statement, statement of cashflows etc. I call this language accountantese. However, I think that real business is done by entrepreneurs not accountants. Accountants track and verify numbers and can tell you everything you want to know about the financial statements.

Accounting is fun

What a perfect time to have some fun with a blog post, rather than writing about our normal tax tip and HOA audit topics. Since you may not know much about the rich and exciting history of accounting, I thought we would share some of that with you in this article.

Here is our Top 10 list: Before a standard numbering system was developed, ancient accountants used clay tokens to keep track of animals and grain.

The word accountant is from the French word compter, which means to count or score. Bookkeeper and words derived from it like bookkeeping are the only words in the English language with three sets of double letters.

Bubble gum was invented in by accountant Walter Dimer. Things can get really slow after the April 15 tax deadline. Although allegedly responsible for everything from bootlegging to murder, he was convicted of income tax evasion.

Every year sincea team of CPAs has spent over 1, hours prior to Oscar night counting the Academy Awards ballots by hand. In fact, it has only been used since the s. A number of celebrities started out studying accounting, including novelist John Grisham, comedian Bob Newhart, jazz artist Kenny G.

Accounting is fun

The Accounting Hall of Famenow hosted by the American Accounting Association, honors those who have made significant contributions to the profession. Since its establishment at the Ohio State University nearly 70 years ago, 93 accountants have been elected.

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In a nutshell, my site Bean Counter is primarily an accounting and bookkeeping educational and training site that offers free beginning bookkeeping and accounting tutorials, courses, exams, tests, quizzes, lectures, and games with a dose of humor injected.

Accounting includes various challenges, and facing them is fun also challenging your mind is fun. The joy of accounting comes from advising people and improving their lives financially. So there is no doubt in saying that accounting is fun. The York County Alliance for Learning (YCAL) is a non-profit organization that works with businesses and schools to provide career education, relevant academic experiences, and work based experiences for students and educators in York County.

Mar 17,  · Entertaining and informative. You truly will be able to prepare a simple set of books after watching this short video! A document where "Ministry Fund Accounting" issues are covered.

Special Purpose Funds (SPFunds) are throughly discussed and advocated along with topics like: General Purpose Fund (GPFund) Pooled Cash and Banks, Non-Calendar Year, Quickbooks, Petty Cash, Prepaid Postage, Plastic or Credit Cards, Activity Reimbursements, Debt Serving and Acquisition of Furniture and Equipment.

Accounting is Fun