8a set aside business plan

Email this Article Print This Article The Small Business Administration has announced major changes to the rules for its primary set-aside contracting program. The changes to the 8 a program were made in an effort to reduce fraud and make sure contracts go to deserving small businesses. Joint Ventures —the 8 a firm is now required to perform at least 40 percent of the work of each joint venture contract awarded. Economic Disadvantage — the new rules clarify how economic disadvantage is determined related to total assets, gross income, retirement accounts and other factors.

8a set aside business plan

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Sometimes, certain entrepreneurs deserve an edge over the competition. Businesses that are 8 a certified can get help securing SBA-backed loans, join in business-education and guidance programs and partner with other business owners to bid on contracts, according to the administration.

Her business, Government Business Solutions, is a program management firm that works with the federal government, providing event management, advertising and marketing services, as well human-capital training. She found the application process to be a bit time-consuming but says the program has helped her business significantly.

Martin-Rosa has some advice for other small businesses thinking of pursuing 8 a certification: Many small businesses make the mistake of obtaining an 8 a certification to learn how to capture contracts in the government sector.

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Strategic Resolution Experts work with customers to help them solve problems related to human capital, business processes and technology, says King, a Navy veteran who founded the company in in West Virginia. The application itself was lengthy — the first submission was pages, and the supplemental submission was pages along with financials, King says.

The application process is rigorous, according to Nikki Bowmar, public affairs specialist at the SBA, so the agency can perform its due diligence to prevent fraud. She says the best advice she can give to other small business owners is not to rush to get the designation.

Kendrick, president of The Voice of Your Customer Founded inThe Voice of Your Customer is a marketing firm that assists clients seeking to penetrate niche markets, using surveys, focus groups, secret shopping and media campaigns, according to Kendrick.

The company applied for its 8 a certification inand Kendrick says that although the application process was lengthy, she received a lot of support from local procurement and technical assistance centers and SBA offices.

In addition, because they were set aside for 8 a -certified businesses, there were fewer competitors for each opportunity. Kendrick courtesy of interviewees.In other words, can a Small Business establish a CTA with a Large Business on a Small Business Set-Aside Task Order if the Small Business will perform 51% of .

Contracts over $, can be set aside if enough small businesses are able to do the work.

8a set aside business plan

Contracts over $, have to include a small business subcontracting plan so that small businesses can get work under these large contracts. Process Map [PDF - KB] (step-by-step approach for utilizing small business under MAS); Sample Request-For-Quote Language [PDF - 47 KB] (making small business the primary evaluation factor); and; Small Business Set Aside Frequently-Asked-Questions.

Orders placed against a Schedule contract can be credited toward small business goals. After attaining 8(a) certification small businesses have access to billions of dollars of federal contracts set aside for 8(a) firms.

8a set aside business plan

Each of these sba contracts can be worth up to $3 million. This opportunity can last for as long as nine years after a business gets its 8(a) certification.

What Are Small Business Set-Aside Program? | wbe,mbe. Section of the Small Business Jobs Act of authorized discretionary use of set-asides against multiple award contracts (i.e. Multiple Award Schedules). This includes setting-aside orders to 8(a) contractors. The provision did not authorize the use of sole . Martin-Rosa applied for the 8(a) program six years ago. Her business, Government Business Solutions, is a program management firm that works with the federal government, providing event management, advertising and marketing services, as well human-capital training.

A small business set-aside may be open to all small businesses. A small business set-aside of a single acquisition or a class of acquisitions may be total or partial. (b) The determination to make a small business set-aside may be unilateral or joint.

A unilateral determination is one that is made by the contracting officer. Apr 22,  · A prime contract awarded to a small business on a small business set-aside procurement generally requires the small business prime to perform at least 50% of the work.

Can a Small Business Subcontractor Pass The Work to a Large Business Sign in to follow Here’s the scenario: A prime contractor has a small business subcontracting plan.

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