1984 a symbol of defeat essay

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1984 a symbol of defeat essay

This book was published inand it was written as an allegory to the Cold War. It is an anti-war story about the arms race, MAD, and nuclear weapons. This book was written in the Cold War era about the concerns of the time, and how all of life could be destroyed by nuclear war.

Countries feared that nuclear war would destroy their countries and possibly even the world. This book is about two different races that live on opposite sides of a brick wall. The Yooks and the Zooks are fighting about what side they eat their bread on.

The Yooks ate their bread with the butter side up, and the Zooks ate their bread with the butter side down. So the Yook that was on patrol went back to Cheif Yookeroo to get a improved weapon and a fancier suit to go with it.

The next day he went back to the wall and Van Itch was there too. He had a better weapon and a better suit too. So Grandpa Yook went crying back to the Chief and again he got improved. The story keeps going in the same order until they come back to the wall with the same weapons and the same suit on… Dr.

Seuss incorporated many connections to the Cold War. The first connection was Grandpa and Van Itch. Grandpa is meant to represent the United States. He never did anything but threaten to use the weapons, he stated: If he dared to come close I could give him a twitch. This policy by Grandpa relates to the policy of the United States because his strategy intended to hold the Soviet Union to a certain geographical location.

Next there was chief Yookeroo. Yookeroo represents the president of the United States, presidents like Roosevelt, Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, but more directly related to Reagan.

Chief Yookeroo tended to simply watch the race from afar, what most presidents did.

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Using Chief Yookeroo, Dr. Chief Yookeroo also tends to benefit from the international tensions and pushes the nation into an opposing relationship.

1984 a symbol of defeat essay

The presidents it seems continuously create larger and larger weapons to defeat their enemies. Eventually the Zooks bring larger and better weapons several times in a row, making Grandpa Yook upset and discouraged.

It is assumed that the Zooks gained better weapons because of spies, while it is never clear who the spy is, we can infer that there was a spy because on several occasions they show up with the same weapons.

Spies were an important part of the Cold War, many people were accused of being spies for their beliefs and many people were supposedly.

The Utterly Sputters weapon, would sprinkle the Zooks as it flew over.

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It is inferred that Dr. Seuss was referring to the chemical or poison weapons that were created in the Cold War, like Agent Orange, which was used in the Vietnam War. Eventually they both create the Big-Boy Boomeroo. Which was a representation of the nuclear bomb.

Both were destructive and both sides threatened to use them without actually doing so. This boomeroo was so dangerous that the Chief holds the bomb with and extendable stick, while the Back Room Boys, the scientists who created it, peer around the door of their room to see it, showing how even they were frightened of it.

In the book, there was also a wall that separated the Zooks and the Yooks. The wall starts off being tiny, something that Grandpa Yook can see over.Benito Mussolini The Leader of a Facist Italy Essay example.

Benito Mussolini (“II Duce”) was the leader of a fascist Italy, coming into power during and up till his defeat . Michael jackson Essay. is suddenly gone, this time for good.

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Education in Islam - The Role of the Mosque. and others,) by Crusaders and Mongols, this essay has shown that Islam and knowledge went together, closely, and from the very early stages.

Other than the urge of the Qur’an and the sayings of the Prophet, the concrete symbol of Islam, the Mosque, was the centre of learning.

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Other than the. He uses the symbol of the telescreen to establish the theme of propaganda and physical and psychological control. through symbolism in the novel.

The propaganda was usually news of a victory 5/5(1). Election Essay, Research Paper Thank you Let’s take a look back at the presidential election of The primary candidates in this election were Ronald Reagan for .

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