10 5 honors assignment

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10 5 honors assignment

The novel contains about pages in total. Beatrice Prior later know as Tris lives where the society is separated into five factions. Each faction believes that one is better than the other.

Dauntless for bravery, Erudite for knowledge, Abnegation for self-sacrifice, Amity for friendship, and Candor for honesty. Beatrice grew up into an Abnegation family. Before attending the choosing ceremony the teens had to take a stimulation test to see which faction they truly belong in. Beatrice's test scores showed that she was a Divergent which is very rare, meaning she has many factions within herself, not just one.

Once the choosing ceremony came Beatrice, Caleb her older brotherand other teenagers went to choose their faction. Beatrice decided to chose Dauntless. Joining Dauntless, Beatrice and other initiates has to go through series of initiation to make it through.

While Beatrice is there she makes new friends; Al, Will, and Christina. Volunteering to go first, Beatrice jumps off a building and into a trampoline, where other Dauntless people were waiting.

Here she changes her name to Tris meeting Four. She needs to compete with other Dauntless people to join while hiding that she is a Divergent. Knowing that the Erudite faction wanted to overthrow the Abnegation, Tris and Four goes and.

Throughout the parts I have read, I really enjoyed reading it. I liked reading this book because the author wrote details that were much needed to give myself an image of it.

I would definitely recommend this book to read but if you don't really like to read I would also recommend the movie to watch.Summer Reading Assignment MYP Year 5, Honors English 10 Global Contexts: Identities and Relationships Dimensions of Time and Space Personal and . Prentice Hall Honors Geometry Chapter 3 Parallel and Perpendicular Lines Proposed Assignment Guide Properties of Parallel Lines DAY 1 pp.

10 5 honors assignment

#, , , Task 5 Honors Assignment Perform the following operations and prove closure. x over x plus 3 plus x plus 2 over x plus 5 2(x*2+5x+3) (x+3)(x+5). Honors Pre-AP Chemistry – Summer Assignment In this summer assignment, you will be reviewing math skills vital to your success in the class, as well as introduce you to the element x c) 5 x 1d) x 10 -e) x 2 2.

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